Technology Health and Wellness Monitoring

Datacenter/server monitoring and management tools require solid solutions to gather, store, extract and analyze specific custom metrics, generate real-time alerts and provide structured data for system optimization.

TimeBase is a time series database and message broker for technology monitoring

TimeBase technology can be applied to a vast variety of areas as a technology alert and monitoring tool that can work with server and application performance metrics, network data, sensor data, custom messages, and more.

The system can be configured to consume data from multiple sources with superior throughput measured in millions of messages per second. Aggregated and consolidated data is supplied to a consumer for further analysis and processing.

We can support custom connectors with industry-standard protocols like JMX, SNMP to bridge your custom data into the TimeBase, including Spring Boot Actuator integration support. Out-of-the-box integrations with popular tools like Grafana, ClickHouse, and others facilitate data monitoring, visualization, and analysis.

Up to a nanosecond timestamp resolution allows to effectively process even high granularity data.

Selected Use Cases

  • Infrastructure and software monitoring: TimeBase is a powerful solution that can be used to monitor and detect potential software, network, server issues in real-time and supply users with actionable intelligence. A single codebase for real-time and historical data is indispensable for data analysis and forecasting.
  • Logging: use TimeBase to effectively aggregate and store software metrics and logs.
  • Messaging middleware: TimeBase can serve as a messaging middleware very much like Kafka for logging systems like Graylog.