Instant Payments

Throughout the last decade, digital payments have shown faster growth over other types of payments. Payment facilitators, digital payment providers, payment gateways are increasingly gaining ground over traditional payment and settlement models. This reality imposes new challenges on payments processing systems. 

TimeBase is a time series database and message broker for instant payments

Payments processing should be affordable, reliable, fast, accurate, and above all secure. Low latencies, ability to process high volumes, linear scalability, fault tolerance, and  24x7x365 system availability are must-have features. Instant decision-making capabilities in combination with superior latencies and high processing throughput of payment processing solutions are game-changing factors in fraud detection.

TimeBase allows you to implement a payment processing technology with a powerful time-series streaming database and messaging middleware, capable of processing millions of messages per second per core with a nanosecond timestamp resolution. Our powerful system can easily scale up and down with linear scaling of performance to meet constantly fluctuating payment industry demand. This saves on computing resources but scales up ability during unexpected demand spikes. Online data streaming and events notification powered by the simultaneous work of multiple readers and writers provides data consumers (for example fraud detection and data analysis systems) with the most accurate data to support data-driven decision-making. With TimeBase you can leverage a unified codebase for both real-time and historical data for improved data analysis, risk assessment, and forecasting to mitigate false positives and negatives.

Even with a TimeBase Community Edition, you can get out-of-the-box downstream connectors to most demanded third-party messaging brokers, databases, and streaming systems (ClickHouse, Timescale, S3, Kafka, and others) and get access to API client libraries for the most common programming languages (.NET, Java, C++, Python, Go). With Enterprise Edition, we also offer 100+ input connectors to external market data venues. TimeBase is a schema-based time-series database with embedded data serialization and modeling framework allowing for better visibility and data migration. Flexible data modeling allows meeting specific business data structures.

Add value to your system's fault tolerance, consistency, and reliability with out-of-the-box system fail-over and backup.

We understand the market and designed our system to be both powerful and affordable to a wide range of business models. To run TimeBase, you do not need any specific hardware. The system can be easily deployed on commodity hardware. TimeBase is a cloud-ready solution with unlimited data storage, cluster nodes, and performance for both Community and Enterprise Editions.

Selected Use Cases

  • Time series streaming database and messaging middleware for payment gateways, payment service providers, payment facilitators, enterprise-level payment platforms