Financial Markets

Modern financial markets are characterized by significant growth of algo trading along with a proliferation of execution venues (exchanges, ECNs, banks, non-bank trading venues etc. ). Traders face a bewildering set of choices of where and how to execute;  how to measure and achieve “best execution”.

TimeBase is a time series database and message broker for financial markets

TimeBase, from inception, was designed as a time series database, streaming engine and messaging middleware for the financial markets domain. It was designed to solve business goals for both buy-side and sell-side institutions. Time-series processing is in our DNA. 

TimeBase has been built on the idea of very fast population and retrieval of massive volumes of time-series data and delivering that data for subsequent use by both in-house and third-party software. TimeBase was developed to meet requirements of a wide range of businesses (from individual traders to a sophisticated enterprise-level trading platforms). We designed the architecture of TimeBase to easily scale up and down with linear performance scaling. Being a professional solution for financial markets, TimeBase supports MiFID II legislative framework and, thus, is capable of providing superior timestamp resolution up to nano-seconds. We also by default support IEEE64 format for Decimal data types.

TimeBase, developed by a team of domain experts, covers practical needs such as:

  • Unified code base to work with both historical and real-time data at the same time.
  • Provision of market data from multiple sources simultaneously even for the same trading instrument
  • Flexible schema-based data structure with embedded data serialization and modeling framework facilitates a smooth transition from rapid data prototyping to a production solution.
  • Web Interface capable of displaying years’ worth of tick data across multiple trading instruments in seconds.

Selected Use Cases

  • Market data aggregation: Depth of the book (including ITCH/MBO) market data is handled with superior speed measured in millions of messages per second on terabytes of data.
    TimeBase  allows simultaneous running of multiple readers and writers.
  • Automated time-series bars generation: When recording tick or intra-day data, TimeBase can create and maintain time-based bars automatically.
  • Live data streaming: TimeBase is ideally suited for distributing data over the Internet.