Mature Technology

TimeBase is a high-performance time-series database, streaming system, and messaging middleware developed by EPAM Real-Time Computing Lab. As a standalone product and as a part of the Deltix product suite TimeBase leverages over 15 years of product history and hundreds of active clients, including industry-leading hedge funds, brokers, exchanges, and banks on both buy and sell sides of the financial market.

TimeBase's R&D team counts more than 20 developers, including all of the original creators of TimeBase. Our 200 man-years long journey is far from being over. In 2020, TimeBase was acquired by EPAM  and became a member of an open-source community. We are excited to take on new challenges and open new horizons creating a product that brings value and makes a difference. 

Examples of Realized Projects 


"We have used TimeBase for over five years for collecting market data and streaming it into our trading models. It is foundational to our quantitative research and systematic trading operation. It is fast, reliable, and low maintenance."  

Brady Preston, Chief Quantitative Officer, Westrock Asset Management

"We use TimeBase for aggregating forex, futures and equities market data. With its open API's, we have been able to build our proprietary trading & execution models and TCA with TimeBase providing the data and messaging backbone."

Robert Toth, Head of Trading, Quest Partners


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