Cost-Efficient Scaling

TimeBase from its very inception was designed to offer a fully functional product, that could be easily deployed and mastered at a moderate cost.

  1. Software Cost: TimeBase offers a fully-functional Community Product Edition at no cost.
  2. Hardware Cost: Special hardware can obviously bring certain benefits; nevertheless, TimeBase can be deployed and effectively used on regular community hardware. You can start working with a single-node server and scale up to the entire cluster with linear performance scalability and efficient storage management. System documentation offers ready-to-use receipts for cluster deployment.
  3. Development Cost:  Any real-time data processing system is based, one way or another, on what we call an A3 (< aggregate | analyze | act >) Paradigm. Data is aggregated, stored, analyzed, and is acted upon. With the TimeBase open-source ecosystem, you can quickly get from A to Z implementing the A3 Paradigm. TimeBase is at the heart of this model, supplying data aggregation functionality. In fact, TimeBase is a 3-in-1 solution and can be used simultaneously as a time-series database (data aggregation and storage), message broker (data delivery), and data modeling framework. Still, you are free to choose the functionality you want to use and skip the rest. Advanced data modeling framework allows saving development costs by implementing “one source” development principle, where you describe a certain model once and can subsequently auto-generate ready-to-use code for various languages and get rid of boilerplates. In terms of the TimeBase open-source ecosystem, you get access to various Web, CLI, Desktop tools, integrations with external solutions, and many more. Start saving development costs even with the product community edition and roll out the first solution prototype in no time.
  4. Deployment and Maintenance Cost: TimeBase can be deployed as Windows Service/CLI application or a Linux System Daemon. System documentation offers ready-to-use receipts for TimeBase deployment in DockerHelm, Vagrant. Out-of-the-box maintenance, retentions, and integration guides offer working solutions and keep your deployment costs under control.
  5. Human Resources Cost: TimeBase from its very inception was designed to be easily deployed and mastered by people without any special training. You do not need to possess any specific knowledge or technology to be able to effectively use TimeBase. Well-documented multi-language APIs let you use the language of your choice and be up and running in no time.