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TimeBase is a high-performance time-series database and messaging middleware with roots in capital markets. TimeBase leverages over 15 years of experience, hundreds of active clients, and a professional R&D team, including original creators of Deltix Inc. Our battle-tested system offers only those features that have been proven in production for a number of clients. Behind each number, there is a real project, not just a microbenchmark.

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Cost-Efficient Scaling

TimeBase was designed with low TCO in mind. This is why it is easy to master and operate, not demanding for storage nor hardware. The minimal setup may consist of a single process and can be scaled up to 10 nodes, capable of providing data consistency and load balancing.

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Superior Performance

TimeBase is incredibly fast providing explosive throughput (2 million events per core per second) and predictable latencies (100us) in both standalone and cluster mode, which has been proven in real-life use cases.

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Complete Ecosystem

Out-of-the-box connectors to various DBs, message brokers, visualization, and monitoring tools (ClickHouse, Timescale, S3, Kafka, Grafana). You get access to tools with Web, desktop, and CLI interface, deployment, serialization framework, and data schema migrators. C#/C++/Java/Python code generators allow building a complex and sophisticated ecosystem to aggregate, analyze, and stream high volumes of heterogeneous time series data at scale, with market-winning performance and at a reasonable cost.

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Designed for Analytics

TimeBase's design allows it to handle real-time, cache, and historical time series data with equally superior performance using the same code base, which makes TimeBase the best solution for real-time analytics and data science. It provides a seamless transition between historical and real-time data even inside the Jupyter Notebook.

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Multi-Language APIs

TimeBase provides API libraries natively implemented on the most popular backend languages: Java/C++/C#/Python/GO. Web APIs (REST/WS) are available as well. All you need is a few API calls in the language of your choice to get you up and running.

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Intelligent Data Modeling

TimeBase on one hand is schema oriented database, where the principle of introspection allows using classes in the selected language as schemas. On the other hand, you can take advantage of sophisticated data modeling capabilities of the system, Luminary IDL, complex messaging format evolution and versioning, natural ability to store large volumes of time-series of heterogeneously structured messages. TimeBase supports arrays of objects and data types like enumerations, decimal numbers, IEEE floats, text, integer numbers, small alphanumeric codes, and true/false values.

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About TimeBase

Originally, TimeBase was a key component of the RTC Lab (formerly Deltix Inc.) product suite, which, starting from 2020, has become a part of the EPAM Systems family.

TimeBase leverages over 15 years of experience, hundreds of active clients, and a professional R&D team, including original creators of Deltix Inc.

TimeBase is an event-oriented high-performance time-series database and messaging middleware with roots in the financial markets.

Today, we cannot imagine our world without huge and ever-growing volumes of heterogeneous time-series data coming from different sources in real-time. Being able to capture and effectively process in-memory, real-time, and historical time-series data has become a key game-changing factor of any modern data-driven business.

Developed from the ground up to solve the most challenging tasks in the world of finance, TimeBase can be applied in any area where efficient processing of high-frequency time-series data is required.

We get you covered with cost-efficient scaling technology, superior performance, multi-language APIs, sophisticated and intelligent data modeling, handling historical and real-time data and many other critical features naturally and professionally supported by the TimeBase to help you achieve your specific business targets.

TimeBase comprises enormous experience in production, business best practices, and battle-tested technology you can put to work in time and on a budget!

Product Editions
About TimeBase

Use Cases

Financial Markets

TimeBase is a sophisticated and powerful time-series database designed for the financial markets domain and intended to solve business goals for both buy-side and sell-side clients.

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Aggregation and streaming of sensory, and any other time-series IoT data in real-time with superior speed and high throughput.

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Instant Payments

Powerful and scalable time-series database and streaming system for aggregation, storage, and streaming of digital payments transaction state data for further analysis by in-house or third-party solutions.

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Technology Health and Wellness Monitoring

Server technology real-time wellness monitoring and aggregation of custom metrics.

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